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Marquis Bentley

Optional Features 

  • Fan Kit – Heat activated with variable speed

  • Designer Doors – Arch or Straight Black Doors

  • Surrounds – Hearth Mount, Picture Frame or Slim Line Picture Frame

  • Porcelain Reflective Liner or Brick Liner

  • Glass Tray – Contemporary Rock, Driftwood Set, Decorative Stones and Decorative Ember Glass (Glacier Ice, Cobalt Blue, Bronze and White)

  • Remote Controls – On/Off, On/Off Modulating, On/Off Modulating and Fan Control

  • Log Sets – 10-Pc Split Oak, 5-Pc Split Oak or 4-Pc Driftwood Set

  • Accent Lighting

  • Wall Mount Millivolt or Programmable Thermostat



Heat & Glo Cosmo IFT

  • Linear design.  Long ribbon flame

  • Available in 32-inch and 34-inch viewing areas

  • Up to 26,000 BTU/Hour Input

Optional Features 

  • Clean Face Trim or Martini Front

  • Two Log (Driftwood or Natural Logs) and Seven Media options 

  • Fade-Resistant Reflective Black glass interior panels and LED lighting

  • Two fronts and five finishes

  • Wireless Wall switch or Touchscreen Remote

  • Fan Kit


Marquis Skyline

Optional Features 

  • Designer Clean View Circulating Kit

  • Surround Trim Edge – Black and Stainless Steel

  • Wall Surround – Convex or Concave with Black or Pewter finishes

  • Thermostat – Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat

  • Remote Controls – On/Off, Thermostat, Thermostat Modulating

  • Contemporary Rock and/or Driftwood Set, Decorative Stones or Decorative Ember Glass

  • Porcelain Reflective Liners

  • Universal Light Kit – Two Lamps

  • Fan Kit – Heat activated with variable speed control



Savannah BL936

  • Ranges 11,000 to 15,500 BTU/hr Input

  • Black Surround

  • Stainless Steel Burner

  • Borosilicate Glass

  • Non-combustible Board

  • Safety Screen

  • Black Glass Kit



Heat & Glo 6000 and 8000 Series

  • 35,000 - 45,000 BTU/hour Input

  • 42" or 36" viewing areas

  • Choose your model (C, CL, CLX, Modern) for different options; LED accent lighting, brick interior panels, premium log sets or an electric ember bed

  • Perfect combination of flame, glow & lighting



Heat & Glo Metro See-Through

  • Ranges from 16,000 - 22,000 BTU/hour Input

  • 32" Viewing area

  • Accent the flames with four colors of glass media – Crystal Glass (STandard), Black Glass, Cobalt Glass, or Amber Glass

  • Choice of Modern, Folio, or Clean Face front design in Black, New Bronze, Graphite, or Fog Gray (available in modern front only) finish.

  • Optional Wall Switch or Remote Control



Town & Country TC36

  • Clean Face with huge ceramic disappearing glass

  • Flush Hearth for authentic look of a wood burning fire

  • Design-A-Fire allows you to mix and match features

  • Electronic ignition converts to standing pilot at the push of a button

  • Natural gas or propane

  • Battery back-up to operate during power outages

  • Versatile Installation up to 110 feet from an exterior wall with optional power venting

  • Superior materials and construction

  • Smart Home Control System compatible



Napoleon HD81 Phazer

  • See Thru clean face design

  • Innovative, split burner system produces beautiful Yellow Dancing Flames®

  • Choice of traditional Phazer® logs, Crystaline™ crystals or River Rock ember beds

  • Dual Night Light™ system illuminates the ember bed and firebox while gently adding a glow to the room, even when the fireplace is off

  • Fuel saving electronic ignition with battery back-up

  • Convenient remote, controlling the flame, blower and Night Light™ comes standard with the unit

  • Back-up control system ensures reliable use, even during power failures

  • Safety Screen Included

  • Optional Mirro-Flame™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels or decorative Sandstone Panels



Heat & Glo Multi-Sided

  • Multi-sided viewing area of 32", 36", or 42"

  • Ranges from 14,700 up to 57,500 BTU/hr Input

  • Optional Wall Switch

  • Decorative Front and Door Finishes: Black, New Bronze, Graphite, or Fog Gray

  • Optional interior media available in Crystal, Ebony, Cobalt, Amber, Scarlet, Iced Fog, and Cast Stones

  • Interior Panel options: Black Metal, Black Porcelain, Fade-Resistant Black Glass, Stratford Brick, and Standard Corner Brisk Panels


Brigantia 35-DVRS31N

  • Ranges from 16,000 – 31,000 BTU/hr Input

  • 31” x 17” Viewing area

  • Surround options: Brushed Nickel Combo, Black Surround with Brushed Nickel Dorr, Brushed Nickel Surround with Black Door, or Black Combo

  • Remote Control: Flame, programmable thermostat and time

  • Interior Lining: Black Fibre, Ceramic Glass Door

  • Burner Type: Wall-to-wall Steel Pan

  • Firebox and Host Shell: Welded/rivet and Gasket

  • Silicone-free


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